Mall of scandinavia

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia has been designed in accordance with the highest environmental and sustainability standards and is the first shopping center in Sweden certified according to BREEAM* with the "Excellent" rating during the design phase. Westfield Mall of Scandinavia is one of very few shopping centers in Europe that has been awarded such a high rating. Westfield Mall of Scandinavia also managed to maintain the high grade, "double excellent" when the center was in full operation and re-reviewed.

We want to create more jobs in society
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, the owner of Westfield Mall of Scandinavia, has begun an initiative aimed at making the right tools for especially young job seekers and matching the right candidate with employers. Read more here >>

Collaboration with Friends
Westfield Mall of Scandinavia's cooperation with Friends is based on our shared belief in what a meeting between people can do. An initial meeting means hope of a new acquaintance for many people. To say Hello is an introductory greeting phrase, but also a symbol for much more, like seeing another person. Hello, a small word that can make a big difference. The Friends Foundation together with Westfield Mall of Scandinavia looks forward to continuing to create unique and unexpected meetings between people - where a first Hello is a good beginning to build a stronger relationship!

Beekeeping on the roof
Since the spring of 2016 there is a beekeeping of 250,000 bees on Westfield Mall of Scandinavia roof. Bees contributes to biodiversity, and this initiative is part of Westfield Mall of Scandinavia's sustainability work.

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia supports Karma
Westfield Mall of Scandinavia supports Karma's efforts to lessen the food waste. Karma helps restaurants and cafés to waste less food, increase revenue and reach new customers by selling good food that is at the risk of being thrown away. It's a win-win! Read more about Karma by downloading the app at Google Play or App Store.

Charge your electric car at Westfield Mall Scandinavia
In our garage, there are 27 charging stations for electric cars, and we'll shortly add 31 more! Charge your car while you enjoy shopping, food and entertainment at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia. To charge your car, use your charging card from InCharge, or the app that can be found at App Store eller Google Play. Cost: 6 SEK/h (parking fee is separate cost).

We're friendship company with Stockholms Stadsmission 2019
Every day, Stockholms Stadsmission makes a difference for people living with social insecurity in our city. Our support makes it possible to urgently provide food and clothing, and helps people feel a sense of community, and provide the willpower to change their lives. Together we're making Stockholm a more humane place for everyone. 

* Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, the world's most widely used certification system for buildings.